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I have been working with the MSG since April 2013. Working towards a Physics Major and Computer Science Minor; I have also completed a Math Minor. I mainly program in C++ and Python. If you've read this far than you should join me as I seek to someday beat Gus in handball and win $100.

Ising Model

  1. Here is my report: File:Matt Ising.pdf
  2. Here are my C++ files:
  3. Here are my Python scripts


This is a guide that goes through my journey learning VASP. It is not complete but will get you started.

  • The PDF file did not load properly or your web browser does not support viewing PDF files. Download <a href="">Matt_Learn_VASP.pdf</a> directly to your device.



First you'll need this in your PYTHONPATH to see the examples with the -example option of each script. You'll also need to pip install termcolor if you don't have it.