6-Hand Sluff

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We had fun at the March 2015 APS meeting playing "6-hand sluff" as a group. By Matt's request, here's a short version of the rules:

It's a trick-based game like hearts, played with Rook cards. There are 6 hands in the game. (A hand is a round, tricks are played until the cards are exhausted.) The smallest score wins. If there are 5 players, remove the green 1 from the deck. If six players, remove the black 1 as well.

The game starts (very first trick) with the player to the left of the dealer. After that, the privilege of playing first in the first trick of the new hand proceeds clockwise around the circle of players.

In each trick, the first play determines the "suit" (that is, the color). Each player must follow suit if possible. If not, they may play whichever card they wish (except in hand 2 where they must play "trump" (red) if they can't follow suit). Each player plays in turn. The player that plays the highest card in the suit wins and gets all the cards of the trick. They must start the next trick.

Hand 1: Yellow cards are 10 points

Hand 2: Red cards are 10 points. Red is trump. Any player that cannot follow suit must play red if they can. Red trumps suit. That is, any red card beats all cards of suit. The first player of a trick cannot lead out with red until it has already been played in a previous trick.

Hand 3: 13s are 25 points

Hand 4: Black 14 is worth 100 points

Hand 5: Winning the last trick is 100 points

Hand 6: All rules from the first 5 hands are active simultaneously